The Review Process

A review is simply a snapshot of how a department is operating by determining the degree of adherence to laws, rules, procedures, policies, and regulations. Reviews can be formal or informal. Reviews can also be specific to a department or to University operations.

Formal reviews occur on a regular schedule and include a written evaluation with recommendations. For an example of a formal review, please see the More on Reviews box.

Informal reviews or inquiries occur on an as-needed basis and do not include a written evaluation. The Compliance office performs informal reviews or inquiries as needed or requested by an employee or department and typically relate to processes, rules, or procedures. For an example of an informal review, please see the More on Reviews box.

Departmental reviews include an initial meeting with the department to meet the reviewer, to discuss the review process, and to answer questions. To read the steps in a departmental review, please see the More on Reviews box.

Operational reviews focus on potential risks or obstacles that may impact the performance of the University. Performance plays a major role in managing resources, time, financial stability, and the ability to move forward. To read when operational reviews are performed, please see the More on Reviews box.