Part III:  Student Grievance Procedures

Texas A&M University at Galveston is committed to providing an educational and work climate that is conducive to the personal and professional development of each individual. To further that commitment, the university has developed procedures for students to pursue grievances within the university community. This section describes the various grievance procedures and provides information that will clarify how to initiate and pursue a grievance.

Assistance with Student Grievances

To ensure that students understand how to appropriately pursue a grievance at Texas A&M University at Galveston, students are encouraged to seek clarification and advice regarding procedures before initiating a grievance. Although a student may seek such advice from any faculty or staff member, the Division of Student Affairs (Seibel Center, Room 101, 409-740-4561) has staff members trained to help students who have grievances. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from this office in pursuing any type of grievance.

The decision as to which procedure to utilize for a grievance filed by a student shall be made solely by the university and shall be based on the fact pattern of each particular case. Each grievance shall be directed to a specific procedure and shall be accorded only one opportunity to be adjudicated unless the appeal body remands for further review.

Types of Grievances

Texas A&M University at Galveston has procedures for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue a grievance for any of the following problems, issues, or concerns:

45.  Discrimination and Discrimination Appeals

46.  Disability Accommodations in Academic Programs

47.  Investigation and Resolution of Complaints Against Texas A&M Students for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking and Related Retaliation (SSDDSR)

48.  Grade Disputes

49.  Unexcused Absences

50.  Academic Suspension and Blocks

51.  Student Conduct Separation and Appeal

52.  Academic Misconduct

53.  Graduate Student Examination Evaluation Disputes

54.  Financial Assessments by the University

55.  Parking Citations


56.  Discrimination Appeals Panel

57.  Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel

58.  University Disciplinary Appeals Panel

59.  Graduate Appeals Panel

60.  Parking Citation Appeals Panel