54. Financial Assessments by the University

(Revised 1965)

The decision as to which procedure to utilize for a grievance filed by a student shall be made solely by the university and shall be based on the fact pattern of each particular case. Each grievance shall be directed to a specific procedure and shall be accorded only one opportunity to be adjudicated unless the appeal body remands for further review.


Rules regarding the assessment of fees and charges and refunds are listed in Part I, Academic Rules. Financial assessments that have been authorized by the State of Texas, the Board of Regents or the President of Texas A&M University may not be appealed, but an appeal may be based upon the Fiscal Department's administration and interpretation of Texas statues, Regent's policies or actions of the president.


54.1 The student should appeal the matter to the head of the department or unit involved. In cases involving assessments other than by the Fiscal Department, the appeal will be made to the head of the department issuing the bill.

54.2 Appeals concerning the interpretation of Texas statue or Regent's policies shall be made through the Campus Fiscal Office to the Controller.