2013 Awards    

2013 Student Research Symposium
April 24 & 25, 2013

The 2013 Student Research Symposium highlighted student research taking place across campus.  102 graduate and undergraduate students presented their work.  Judges determined Best in Category and Overall winners, and the general public determined the People's Choice awards for graduate and undergraduate student posters.  Click on the student's name for a larger version of the award winning posters.

Overall Winners - Graduate

First Place Second Place Third Place

Mike Dance

Marine Biology

Josh Williams


Carolyn Weaver

Marine Biology

People's Choice Award - Graduate

Zheng Zhang, Oceanography

Best in Category Winners - Graduate

Category First Place Second Place Third Place
Marine Biology Mike Dance Carolyn Weaver Courtney Lee
Marine Resources Management Rachel Windham Paul Roberts
Oceanography Josh Williams Matt Norwood Alicia Shepard
Maritime Systems Engineering Abhishek Sharma

Overall Winners - Undergraduate

First Place Second Place Third Place

Kendra Kopp

Marine Sciences

Tyler Battenfield
Cody Davidson
Benjamin Shiplett
Jeff Wood

Maritime Systems Engineering

Brandon Hill

Ocean and Coastal Resources

People's Choice Award - Undergraduate

Eric Schmidt, Ethan Barlow - Marine Engineering Technology

Best in Category Winners - Undergraduate

Category First Place Second Place Third Place
Marine Biology Sarah Horn Charlotte Rivas Gary Baine
Marine Engineering Technology David Johnson Tyler Gibson
Jimmy Riggs
Josh Lentz
Daniel Rowland
Eric Schmidt
Ethan Barlow
Marine Sciences Kendra Kopp Ben Daniel
Danielle Creeley
Ben Kennady
Cenia Castro
Kayla Hopkins
Rebekkah Morrison
Maritime Administration Jonathan Stone
Maritime Systems Engineering Tyler Battenfield
Cody Davidson
Jeff Wood
Benjamin Shiplett
John Smith
Benjamin Oviosu
Nicholas Poradek
Laura Robichaux
Jacob Davis
Sean Henningan
Cameran Cox
Ocean and Coastal Resources Brandon Hill Josh Carter
Raven Walker
Chad Boshers
Harrison McNeil
Jade Wallace