Coastal Environmental Science & Society Minor

This minor provides students a base of knowledge in the economic, environmental, and social issues concerning the development of marine resources, along with a strong scientific background needed to understand these issues. This minor works well for any student wishing to diversify their education or those seeking to pursue a future in marine resource management.

Coastal Environmental Science & Society Minor Classes    

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GEOL 101  Principles of Geology
Or  OCNG 251 & 252  Oceanography & Oceanography Lab
MARS 280  Coastal and Ocean Resources

3 to 6 hours
3 to 6 hours

MARS 410  Intro to Physical Oceanography
MARS 491  Intro to Chemical Oceanography
OCNG 420  Intro to Biological Oceanography
MARS 431  Geological Oceanography: Earth’s Climate
MARS 430  Geological Oceanography: Plate Tectonics

3 to 7 hours
3 to 7 hours

MARS 370  Coastal Processes
MARS 423  Ecological Economics
MARS 432  Peak Oil, Global Warming, & Resource Scarcity
MARS 470  Eco-environmental Modeling
MARS 425/426  Coastal Wetlands Management & Lab
MARS 470  Environmental Law

Career Opportunities    

Love What You Do

With the right major, a minor in Coastal Environmental Science & Society can give a student a competitive advantage in any number of paths following graduation.

Career Paths

Higher Education
Marine Resource Management
Oil & Gas
Environmental Law

Hiring Agencies

Government Agencies
Maritime Industry Firms
Oil & Gas Companies

Salary Ranges

State/Federal agencies (TPWD, NOAA, Corps of Engineers): $35-40K
Non Profit Environmental Outreach: $30-35K
Teaching Science in public schools: $45-60K
Research/Laboratory Assistant: $30-45K
Fisheries/Marine Mammal Observer: $40-65K

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