Zoom is a video conferencing and online chat platform used increasingly for online education and social relations. Zoom integrates into Canvas and allows for real-time exchanges between students and content; students and professors; and among students. We encourage you to use Zoom in Canvas to improve the student experience in your online course.

Zoom Topics and Online Training Links
Topic Time Link
Best Practices - General Settings
Best practices – Scheduling a Recurrent Lecture 2:45 min



How to record your lectures in a live classroom pdf
How to access your lecture recordings using the Zoom integration in Canvas pdf
How to test your classroom's audio system in Zoom 3:06 min

How to test your classroom's video camera in Zoom 2:04 min

How to use your Zoom controls (host a lecture) 9:11 min

How to fix my Zoom video when it is projecting backward or upside-down 1:39 min

How to use your document camera as a whiteboard in Zoom 2:54 min

How to use Breakout Rooms in Zoom 8:15 min

Best Practices - Recording Lectures in Compliance with FERPA Guidelines
How to Log into Zoom
How to use the Zoom Client to start your Zoom lecture pdf
How to Access your Professor’s Zoom recordings as student pdf
Inviting Students to  your Scheduled On-line Lecture pdf
Attendance Tracking in a Zoom Session 1:27 min
Sharing your Screen 0:36 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wsWpnqE6Hw
Using annotation and whiteboard feature in Zoom
Ending Meeting pdf
How to update your Zoom application pdf
Zoom Help Center

Additional resources:


Use the provided link to scroll down and see the additional resources located under "Guide to teaching with Zoom".

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There are several different avenues to promote academic integrity when administering online exams: Live Online Proctoring with Honorlock, Proctoring with ZOOM, and Proctoring with Respondus Tools in Canvas. We encourage you to consider alternative assessment strategies if applicable. Please note that the options provided below are in lieu of paid live proctoring services.


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Camtasia Studio is an advanced screen recorder and video editor to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac.  Snagit is a screenshot program that captures video display and audio output. Visit the Texas A&M Software Center (https://software.tamu.edu/) to download Camtasia Studio (and Snagit) for a one-time cost of only $18.

Camtasia Topics and Online Training Links
Topic Time Link
Basics of Camtasia 4:36 min
Video Editing Basics 3:52 min
Produce Video, Export, and Share 3:22 min
Annotations, Callouts & Custom Visuals 3:01 min
Record from Power Point 2:50 min

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