New Employee Setup Form    

A New Employee Setup Form will need to be completed for all new faculty and staff hires.  This form must be completed by the hiring department and not by the new hire. 

Please complete the New Employee Setup Form below.

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Continued Account Access For Departing Employees    

All departing employees requesting continued access to TAMUG/TAMU resources after terminating employment with the University shall have to first obtain Department Head approval in writing and provide supporting information to satisfy TAMU Identity Management Office and the Office of the VP for Research. It is the Departments responsibility to fill out and submit the required forms.

Faculty and staff will need to provide justification as to why they still require account access and how it will benefit the University.

Staff do not normally get continued access to University email or resources. The process is to forward their email for a period of time (normally 30 days as that is when their TAMUG email account will be deleted) to another staff member in their Department for business continuity purposes. However, if a Department believes they need continued access for a terminated staff member they need to do the following. The request will need to be approved by the Department Head and one of the University Vice Presidents before submitting the additional paperwork to TAMUG/TAMU. The Department will need to follow the same process as for Faculty. We can advise that it is unlikely continued access will be granted.

For Faculty, the access shall be approved by the Department Head and the Chief Academic Officer before submitting the additional paperwork to TAMUG/TAMU.

Former faculty members who will still be working on research are considered a remote research collaborator (if only remote)  or a visiting scholar (if they will be on campus) and there is additional documentation that needs to be filled with Immigration Services for Faculty & Scholars/Visiting Scholars Program office.

PROCESS (Staff and Faculty)
Any person (even former employees) requesting access to university resources such as an email, Net ID, library access, etc., that does not have a current formal affiliation with TAMU (i.e. employee, student) will need to complete the TAMUG Account Access Request form, NetID Request Form and Visiting Scholars 5VS:

TAMUG Account Access Form:

TAMU Account Access Form: 

TAMU VPR Account Access Form:

This form which includes an agreement to be signed by the remote collaborator/visitor that allows Intellectual Property (IP) and export control concerns to be addressed before any non-employee is given access to university resources. 

Once you have completed the forms please submit them to the responsible areas as indicated on each form. If the employee is not a US citizen or permanent resident you will also need to submit the NetID and 5VS paperwork to Immigration Services for Faculty and Scholars at

FAQ: Will the employee be involved in TAMUG/TAMU research projects post-employment?
If yes, it does not matter the position type. They are considered visiting scholars/remote collaborators. In fact, the most common position transition is graduate assistants continuing research collaboration with their former major professor after graduating/leaving the assistantship.

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Retiree Account Information    

All retirees of the Texas A&M University System are eligible to possess and use a NetID account.

Workday handles disbursement of health benefits for retirees, and sponsors NetID accounts for retirees utilizing System health benefits. If a retiree decides to cash out their health benefits, they no longer have an active relationship with the Texas A&M System and Workday will not sponsor the account. To retain a NetID account in this situation, the retiree needs to contact the Identity Management Office (via Helpdesk Central at ). The account will be manually maintained, with the retiree confirming every year that they still want the account. Email Service

The retiree’s email alias is a forwarding address that can be set to forward to any destination whether that is a mailbox managed by Texas A&M or a personal address, like a account. The delivery address can be updated by the retiree logging into, clicking the Email Settings icon, and updating the section labeled “Forwarding Settings for Your Published Email Address”.

Texas A&M Exchange mailbox

Employee access to a Texas A&M Exchange mailbox after retirement is at the discretion of the department. Most departments do not continue sponsoring access to an Exchange mailbox for their retirees as there is a financial cost to the Department.

Texas A&M Gmail mailbox/GoogleApps account

Texas A&M University at Galveston retirees are eligible for a Texas A&M Gmail mailbox.

The GoogleApps account can be set up by the retiree logging into , clicking the Email Settings icon, and updating the section labeled Google Apps.

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Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security, keeping your NetID account secure even if your password is compromised. Once you have enrolled, you will be alerted right away (on your Duo-enrolled device) if someone is trying to log in as you.

Protecting our students, employees, data, systems, and assets against cyber threats is a priority for Texas A&M University and the Division of Information Technology. NetID Two-Factor Authentication (Duo) is a key component of our plan to secure the campus IT infrastructure. To enhance security and comply with Texas A&M System Regulation 29.01.03, we will continue to roll-out multi-factor authentication across campus.

Please use the the button below to setup your DUO access with your TAMU NetID and to learn more about DUO.

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A Texas A&M NetID is an identifier or username for logging in and accessing many university resources, such as Texas A&M Gmail and the TAMULink wireless network.

Texas A&M University's membership in InCommon provides Texas A&M NetID account holders with the ability to use their NetID to authenticate to participating higher education and federal government online services.

To reset your NetID Password, please visit

Please use the button below to learn more about NetID accounts, services, and use.

Please use the button below to request a NetID for a third party or affiliate.

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