Event Decorations    

Event Decorations Guidance     

Curtains, Draperies, Hangings and other Decorative Materials:

(including fabrics, plastics, paper decorations, streamers, etc.)

  • Items made of non-combustible materials are permitted.
  • Items made of combustible materials are permitted if they have been treated to be fire resistant or flame retardant and include either:
    • Manufacturer certification of fire resistance or treatment or
    • Certification of treatment and/or testing for flame resistance by an approved agency or
    • Fire resistant treatments self applied to small items (less than 10 square feet) according to the treatment product's instructions.  (product must be available on site and you must document how you treated the items.)

The above certifications must be available on the site during your event.

  • Plant Materials which are freshly cut flowers in water, live, potted plants and fresh gourds or pumpkins are permitted.
  • The following are prohibited unless treated and tested to be flame resistant by an approved agency: other cut or dried plant materials including corn stalks, straw, hay, branches, leaves, trees, wreaths, etc.

Note: Fire treated combustible materials (including plants) that meet the above requirements are limited to quantity to covering no more than 10% of the wall and ceiling area of the room.  Curtains, drapes, and other pre-existing items in the room count towards this 10% maximum.

Placing Decorations

  • Decorations may not block, cover or be attached to any fire protection equipment including fire alarm pull stations, smoke detectors, sprinkler pipes, fire extinguishers, exit signs and fire alarm panels.
  • Windows and doors may not be covered with decorations.
  • Decorations may not be placed on stairway handrails.

Candles & Open Flame Devices

  • The use of candles or other open flame devices for decorative purposes in buildings and tents is strictly prohibited.
  • Battery powered LED candles are the recommended alternative.