Event Crowd Management    

Event Crowd Management - Guidance Document

Crowd Management

  • Event organizers are responsible for crowd control and management at their event including ACE:
    • Aisles are kept clear and unobstructed at all times. No sitting or standing is permitted in aisles or egress paths to exits
    • Capacity of the Venue Space. Know the Maximum Legal Occupancy and ensure that it is not exceeded
    • Exits are clear and unobstructed at all times and assist in facilitating evacuation of the venue in the event of an emergency 
  • controlling access to the event to prevent overcrowding

  • ensuring that audience members are not standing or sitting in aisles or exit ways

  • facilitating evacuation of the venue in the event of an emergency

  • Immediately prior to the start of any event in a venue holding more than 49 people, an announcement must be made to notify occupants of the location of exits to be used in the case of a fire or other emergency and advising occupants that if the fire alarm sounds they must evacuate from the building. Suggested announcement wording is:

    • May I have your attention please?  Please note that emergency exits are located (...announce/point out specific locations for this venue...).  In the event of an emergency or fire alarm, please proceed quickly and calmly out the nearest emergency exit.


  • When booking a venue, it is critical to choose a space that is adequate to handle the expected attendance.
    • In venues with fixed seats, seating is only allowed in the fixed seats.

      • Sitting or standing in the aisles or placing additional chairs in the venue is strictly prohibited.

    • The number of people in the venue may not exceed the posted maximum occupancy


  • The use of ushers is recommended for all events 
    • Ushers should be visually identifiable (usher name tags, common shirts, etc.)
    • Ushers should be assigned to:
      • control access to the venue
      • assist audience members in finding seats
      • ensure that aisles remain clear and unobstructed
      • direct patrons to exits in the event of an emergency

Crowd Control

  • For events that are expected to fill a venue, the use of entry tickets to track attendance is strongly encouraged.
  • Free tickets or programs in a quantity equal to the available seating can be handed out at the door (remember to remove tickets to account for ushers, performers that will be sitting in the audience, etc.).

  • When the entry tickets/programs are gone the ushers must close the venue doors and turn people away.

  • Handheld counters may also be used as a control device.

  • Overcrowding violations may result in cancellation of the event and/or disciplinary action.