Event Grill and Cooking    

Barbecue Grills & Other Outdoor Cooking

  • Grills and other open flame cooking equipment may only be used outside and may NOT be set up under any overhang, in a tent, or on any balcony or rooftop.

  • Grills and open flame cooking equipment must be set up on level ground at least 6 feet from walkways and 25 feet from buildings.

  • Equipment must be set up so smoke from cooking does not enter any buildings.

  • Charcoal must be completely extinguished and cold before disposal and must not be dumped onto the ground.

  • For grills and a barbecues at least one 5 pound ABC fire extinguisher must be present. Contact EH&S to borrow an extinguisher. Never remove extinguishers from buildings.

  • Portable propane and natural gas tanks must be properly secured to prevent them from tipping over and tanks may not be brought into University buildings.

Indoor Cooking & Food Reheating

  • Indoor cooking may only be done in kitchens and kitchenettes.

  • Use of deep fryers and other cooking equipment that generates grease laden vapors is restricted to kitchens equipped with the appropriate ventilation hood & suppression systems.

  • Warming equipment used to reheat or keep prepared foods warm may be used in areas other than kitchens, provided that:

    • Warming equipment may not be placed in corridors, stairways or exit pathways.

    • All equipment must be UL listed. Refer to the EH&S Event Management Electrical Safety document for further information on using electrical equipment.

      • the sterno is in commercially manufactured, prepackaged cans

      • is used with a chafing dish equipped with a sterno can holder

      • is kept away from combustible items such as napkins, papers & decorations

      • care is taken to not spill the sterno

All cooking and heating appliance shall be used and maintained in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.