Amon Laboratory    

The main advances in the understanding of our planet and how to adjust to the rapid changes observed in the recent past will come through interdisciplinary efforts. The focus of the Marine Science Department lies at the interphase of environmental research, coastal health and resource management & policy.

researchfocusThe emphasis of our lab is on environmental biogeochemistry, how it is affected by climate change and how physical factors control biogeochemical fluxes of elements in rivers and the ocean. We strive to expose our students to the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary earth system science. Working at the interphase of multidisciplinary research is also increasingly international and we consider it as critical that new generations of students are exposed to this multinational and multicultural environment.

Dr. Amon teaches introductory courses in chemical and biological oceanography and his research focuses on the biogeochemistry of organic matter in high latitude watersheds, the Arctic Ocean, as well as the Gulf of Mexico including "urban waters" around Houston, Tx. Funding for Amons' research comes from the National Science Foundation, the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, the Mexican Science Foundation (CONACYT), and the Russian Science Foundation.