TAMUG is known for a relatively low student to instructor ratio enabling us to offer more exposure to laboratory, hands on, research for our motivated and determined undergraduate students. Many of our undergraduate students spend a semester or two in the lab working directly on research projects.

Dr. Amon's research has a strong field component and numerous students have participated in expeditions from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and gained much insight into the lives of environmental scientists.

International exposure comes natural within our research areas. In order to further enhance the international experience we have made use of the International Study Center of Texas A&M University in Italy to bring together students and professors from different countries to discuss common research interests.

Graduate students in Dr. Amons' lab typically go through the graduate program of the Oceanography Department at TAMU in College Station, but can also choose to join the Interdisciplinary Degree Program in Marine Biology at TAMUG.

Formal courses taught by Dr. Amon