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Undergraduate Research

The Mission of the Texas A&M University Galveston Campus (TAMUG) Undergraduate Research (UGR) Program is to enhance undergraduate education through the integration of high impact learning experiences and fostering of “…original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline” (-The Council of Undergraduate Research) by the undergraduate student.

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What We Do    

The TAMUG Undergraduate Research Program values intellectual and creative scholarship and research as a high impact learning experience that will ultimately enhance knowledge through hands-on application and making contributions towards solving ocean-centered “real world” problems that impact marine wildlife and resources, coastal communities, maritime industries and infrastructure.

Who We Are    

Elizabeth Borda, PhD
Chair of Undergraduate Research
(409) 740-4542

Arianna Bartlett, MARB ‘18
Undergraduate Research Ambassador 2017-2018

Ella McIntire, MAST ‘18
Undergraduate Research Ambassador 2017-2018

Katherine Adams, MARB ‘18
Undergraduate Research Ambassador 2017-2018

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Our Goals

For TAMUG Students, the Undergraduate Research Program will aim to:

  • Encourage the establishment of mentorship relationships with accomplished faculty, as well as graduate students and postdocs
  • Recognize participants as campus leaders and promoting intellectual and creative scholarly research
  • Build skills in communication, leadership and collaboration
  • Foster intellectual and creative independence
  • Enhance knowledge within the discipline of study
  • Prepare the student for the career and/or graduate school experience
  • Offer hand-on experiences beyond the classroom
  • Engage students in research activities with the potential to lead to a peer-reviewed publication(s) or scholarly works, or an undergraduate research scholars thesis
  • Provide opportunities to receive local or federal funding to engage in research activities during the academic year and/or summer

For TAMUG Faculty, the Undergraduate Research Program will aim:

  • Facilitate the recruitment of talented students to engage in Faculty led research projects
  • Work with undergraduates who are recognized as scholars and funded through local and/or federal awards
  • Advertise undergraduate research opportunities
  • Assist with incorporating undergraduate research as part of Faculty research programs
  • Provide support for the inclusion of research projects in undergraduate courses
Our Vision

The Undergraduate Research Program is committed to ensuring that all TAMUG students have access to research opportunities by:

  • Advising students on how to include research as part of their academic curriculum
  • Assisting students access research opportunities on and off campus
  • Providing a public forum for students to present their work at conferences, symposia and/or scholarly peer-reviewed publications
  • Fostering the development of research questions and approaches
  • Providing instruction on research methodologies, etiquette, and ethics
  • Establishing recognition and perception as contributing participants in a community of scholars

The Undergraduate Research Program is committed to establishing collaborative ties with TAMUG faculty and fostering engagement in undergraduate research programs by:

  • Developing and disseminating research opportunities
  • Increasing the allocation of local and federal funding to offer funded opportunities to undergraduate students to engage in research
  • Offering assistance in preparing grant proposals for funding department-based undergraduate research opportunities
Our Values

We Value:

  • Each student’s individual learning styles and paths
  • Experiential and active learning beyond the classroom
  • The role that undergraduate research plays in fostering personal growth and in the development of long-term career and educational goals
  • Building a community of undergraduate research scholars
  • Undergraduate participation in research as a way to afford faculty members:
    • A venue to apply high-impact learning practices
    • A way to empower and encourage naive, fresh points of view that may uncover new insights of accepted concepts and hypotheses
    • A perception of undergraduates as collaborators in contributing to new viewpoints, rather than as recipients of faculty member knowledge
    • The opportunity to share their passion for their research to students
    • The opportunity to recruit and empower new students into their fields