Parking Permits

Registration Fees

Permits for the 2016-2017 academic year are valid August 12, 2016 until August 11, 2017.

Student Permits
(limit 1 permit per student*) $200.00
Faculty/Staff Permits
(limit 1 permits per Faculty/Staff) $200.00
Motorcycle Permits
$93 if sole permit
$46.50*  Only if a vehicle permit has been purchased first and this is a second permit

*Students can purchase a second vehicle permit if and only if the first purchased permit is for a car/truck and the second is for a motorcycle.

Student Permits are issued to registered students, regardless of classification, or full-time/part-time status. The permit authorizes the holder to park in the designated student parking areas. Students may purchase a maximum of one vehicle permit and one motorcycle permit per person. To register for a permit, click here and log in to your A&M Parking Account. Permits will be mailed to the address registered on your account. To update the address on your Parking Account, log in to My Record to change your permanent/local address. Your hangtag must then be displayed properly in your vehicle to park on campus. Student permits are $200.00 per year. All permits are now annual and cannot be purchased for individual semesters. Annual parking permits are issued in August during Fall Semester. If you leave the university, you may be eligible for a prorated refund. Permits will not be excepted for a prorated refund after January 14, 2017.

Faculty/Staff Permits are issued to employees of the Texas A&M Campus at Galveston. The permit authorizes the holder to park in any reserved Faculty and Staff parking area and any legal parking space, except  Handicap, Visitors and posted reserved parking spaces. Faculty and Staff members may register a maximum of one vehicle per person and one motorcycle per person at the regular established rate per permit. Vehicle permits are transferable to another vehicle used by the permit holder. To register for a permit , enter your information click here and log in to your A&M Parking Account. Permits will be mailed to the address registered on your account. To update your address, log in to HRConnect. Your hangtag must then be displayed properly in vehicle to park on campus. Purchase price of permit may be deducted from paycheck or Staff member may pay in person full price. Staff Permits are $200.00 per calendar year.

NOTE: Any individual working at 25% effort or part-time staff is required to purchase a Faculty/Staff Permit. 

Visitor Parking Permit
All visitors are required to sign in with the Police Department or have the appropriate department they are visiting notify the Police Department upon arrival on campus. The University Police can assist all visitors with directions and parking information. Designated Visitor Parking spaces are located near the CLB, Sea Aggie Center, Library, and Residence Hall parking lots.

All vendors must sign in with the Police Department (409-740-4545), the Physical Plant (409-740-4547) or Food Services (409-740-4591) upon arrival and must physically sign out (in the same place if possible) when they leave. The responsible department will keep an accurate, up to date list of vendors on campus. The list will remain current for 30 days.

Temporary parking permit
When a non-permitted vehicle must be parked on campus on a temporary basis, a special parking permit must be obtained from the Office of the University Police. Temporary parking permits must be displayed on the center dashboard area of the vehicle.

Motorcycle parking Permit
Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters (here forward referred to as motorcycles) must be parked in a designated Motorcycle parking area and clearly display the current Motorcycle parking decal on the fuselage. 

All motor vehicles parked on the TAMUG campuses must properly display a current TAMUG parking permit at all times. Parking permits are valid from the date of issue until the last day of the fiscal year or semester for which they are issued.

Permit holders are not permitted to transfer parking permits to other individuals.

Lost/Stolen Permits
Lost parking permits must be reported to the University Police Department.

If the permit was stolen, a copy of the Police report must be presented before a replacement is issued at no charge.  In addition the permit holder must sign an affidavit stating that the permit was taken without their permission and that they have no knowledge of the missing permit and will file charges and testify against anyone found using their missing permit.