Teaching & Outreach    

Instructor, MARB 311 – Ichthyology (Credit 4).
The goal of this course is to examine the biology and biodiversity of fishes. This includes taxonomy, systematics, morphology, physiology, form and function, behavior, evolution, ecology, and conservation of fishes.

Instructor, MARB 320 – Fisheries Techniques (Credit 4).
The goal of this course is to provide students with experience sampling fishes in marine and freshwater habitats. Students will gain both knowledge and first hand experience with fisheries sampling designs, techniques, and basic analysis of data.

Instructor, MARB 407/607 – Research and Conservation in Greece: Dolphins, Fisheries, and Cultural Heritage (Credit 4).
Field based course in Greece focuses on marine mammals, fisheries, and cultural aspects of the region. Lectures, readings, and labs center on the ecology and behavior of marine vertebrates along with local Mediterranean fisheries and cultural heritage.

Co-Instructor, MARB 482 – Communicating in Science (Credit 1).
Course focuses on improving students scientific communication skills in five major groups including speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking, and collaborating. The class is largely group based and provides each student with an opportunity to work on each of these communication skills through presentations, article reviews, and peer evaluations.

Co-Instructor, MARB 606 – Advanced Concepts in Marine Population Biology and Ecology (Credit 3).
Graduate course focusing on new concepts and applications in marine biology and ecology.