BOOK: Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Waves

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Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis:

Dr. Fumihiko Imamura:


Chapter I

  1. twolayer.f90 Phase velocity and wavelength in two-layer fluid. Page 23
  2. wavelength.f90 Iterative method to compute wavelength from
    eq. I.116. Page 36

Chapter II

  1. fisher.f90 Wave propagation in the channel of uniform depth. Page 59.
  2. fisher_high.f90 Wave propagation in the channel of uniform depth. Higher approximation for the space derivatives. Page.65
  3. resonance.f90 Resonance period in channel of uniform depth and left end open. Page 66
  4. runup_beach.f90 Runup and rundown over sloping beach. Page 91. Includes block_beach.f90
  5. runup_parab.f90 Oscillations in the parabolic water body. Page 95. Includes block_parab.f90

Chapter III

  1. source_01s.f90 Rectangular bottom displacement as tsunami source. Includes block_beach.f90. Page 106.
  2. okada.f90 Bottom displacement as static dislocation solution by Okada. Includes: ALL_INPUT_OKADA, reads fault data from: fault_2009_USGS.txt, reads depth around Samoa Islands from: samoa_30sec_G_rec.dat. Page 120
  3. sourceslide.f90 Rectangular block motion on the bottom. Includes block_slide.f90. Page 128
  4. landslide2layer1d.f90 Parabolic landslide motion in a channel. Includes block_2layer1d. Page 150.
  5. landslide2layer2d.f90 Parabolic landslide in 2D water body. Includes block_2layer2d, reads data from: station_aleutian.dat. Page 163.

Chapter IV

  1. simple2m-1.f90 Simple approach to tsunami computation in the North Pacific. Includes block2d_2min-1, reads depth from: ale2min.dat and reads bottom displacement from: source_2min.dat. Page 203
  2. neowave4Gc.f90 Calls subroutines to perform computations in main domain and three subdomains. Auxiliary Excel program Domain Setup North Pacific.xls helps organize interconnection among subdomains. Includes all input kurile where all parameters and variables are defined. Read depth from ale2min.dat, crescent24sec.dat, crescent3sec.dat, and cresport1s.dat. Station to record sea level are given in water_level_stations_averaged.txt Page 205.

Chapter VI

  1. spher2stab.f90 Program computes hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic pressure during tsunami propagation in the North Pacific. Includes block2d_2min, reads depth from: ale2min.dat and from: ale2minf.dat reads bottom displacement from: source_2min.dat, and reads coordinates of the stations for recording time series from: station_aleutian2min.dat. Page 293




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