35. Motor Vehicles and Bicycles

(Revised 1999)

Campus Police is responsible for the rules concerning moving and parked vehicles and bicycles on University property.

35.1 Motor Vehicles

All motor vehicles must display a valid campus parking permit before they may be parked on university property with the exception of those parked in visitor areas which do not require the display of any type of permit.

Permits are obtained from Campus Police. All motor vehicles on campus property must be operated in accordance with the campus rules and appropriate Texas motor vehicle laws.

Illegal parking may result in the vehicle being ticketed or impounded in a secure lot. Vehicles with excessive violations may be towed and impounded even if they are parked in a legal space at the time of the tow. Students with delinquent citations may be blocked from registration, transcripts, etc.

When, in the judgment of Campus Police, a student's failure to comply with appropriate parking rules becomes a breach of discipline, that office shall refer the student to Student Life. At such time, a student may have his or her permit revoked and be prohibited from parking on the campus for the remainder of the year. Additional rules are published and distributed by the Campus Police on an annual basis. Vehicle operators are required to comply with all published parking or traffic rules.

35.2 Bicycles

It is recommended that all bicycles be registered with the Galveston Police Department.  All bicycles on university property must be operated in accordance with the University Student Rules and appropriate Texas motor vehicle laws.

After the close of the spring semester, all bicycles will be removed from the residence hall bicycle racks, except those racks specifically designated for storage during the break between semesters. Bicycles that appear to be abandoned in the racks or near other campus buildings or parking lots will be impounded by Campus Police. In cases that result in the removal of the chain/lock, the owner will absorb the cost of replacement.