34. Dining Halls

(Revised 2016)

Visit the Dining Services home page for facility hours, dining options, meal plans and daily menus.

All students residing in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan.

Exceptions to this requirement will only be granted for documented, physician required, medical reasons and must be reviewed and approved by the Disability Review Committee managed through the Office of Student Counseling. The meal plan begins with breakfast on the first class day and ends with dinner the last day of finals. Spring break, Christmas break and the Thanksgiving break are not included.

At the beginning of each semester, students who have signed up for a meal plan will have their meal plan automatically validated if the request has been made through the regular registration process. Students may change meal plans during the first four weeks of a Fall, Spring, or 10-Week semester and during the first 6 class days of a 5-week summer term. Changes are initiated through to Dining Services. A new meal plan may be initiated at any time during the semester and such request should be initiated through Dining Services.

Meal plans are non-transferable from the owner. Lending a student ID card or temporary meal card to another individual for the purpose of obtaining meals is prohibited.

Food or dining hall equipment shall not be taken from the dining halls.

Announcements made in the dining halls require prior approval of Dining Services.

Students participating in or encouraging disturbances in the dining halls will be subject to disciplinary action. Students will be billed for the total cost of replacing items broken, damaged or destroyed as a result of mischievous conduct, carelessness and wanton destruction.

Non-paying students or guests are not permitted to enter the dining halls except with permission of authorized dining hall personnel.

The conditions of a meal plan, including the number of times students are allowed to enter the dining center during a meal period, are dependent on the plan purchased and subject to terms established by Dining Services.