32. University Housing

(Revised 2006)

32.1 With limited exceptions, all single undergraduate students enrolled in more than nine credit hours are required to live in campus housing and participate in the board plan provided that space in campus housing is available. Exemptions to the housing requirement based on special circumstances will be considered upon written request to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs or designee. Exemptions cannot be granted based upon economic consideration and will generally only be granted when a student qualifies as married, single parent and guardian, veteran, twenty one or older, or living with parent or guardian (not generally available to License Option/NROTC students).

32.2 Corps of Cadets Housing

32.2.1 All new U.S. Maritime License Option and NROTC Cadets are required to live in campus housing. Applicants will be able to participate in the Corps of Cadets only if campus housing is available for them. To be considered for a housing assignment, students who elect a license-option or NROTC program of study must apply for housing and notify TAMUG of their intent to enroll in a Cadet program before July 15.

32.2.2 Cadets requesting to move off campus based upon a qualifying exemption must submit a request in writing with requested documentation to Student Life. All Cadet applications qualifying for an exemption will be forwarded to the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets for review and recommendation for approval.

32.2.3 Off campus residency is a privilege that can be revoked at any time a Cadet's academic, training, or discipline record reflects inadequate developmental progress. Additionally, Cadets who are granted off campus housing privileges may be required to reside or remain on campus during pre- and post-cruise periods, for overnight watch or duty assignments, or when tasked with certain Corps leadership responsibilities. Off campus residency may preclude a cadet from specific leadership assignments when those assignments require residency responsibilities such as resident advisor duties. Cadets who resign from the Corps of Cadets may be moved out of Corps of Cadets housing if space is available. They are not guaranteed on-campus housing in the non-cadet residence halls unless space is available.

32.3 Contracts

Any student who enters campus housing for the Fall will be required to sign a two semester contract and remain in campus housing for the Spring. Students will only be permitted to break their contract by withdrawing from school, enrolling in nine hours or less, moving to off campus quarters with their spouse, or for a medical exemption.

32.4 Assignment Procedures

All returning students are required to complete a housing preference sheet or an off campus application by specified deadlines each semester. All new students must submit a housing application and required housing deposit. Tentative housing assignments for the fall semester will be made on July 15 or an earlier date designated by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. At that time, assignments will be made in accordance with the following priority:

32.4.1 First priority: Returning students participating in a license-option program and other students approved for participation in the maritime cadet program.

32.4.2 Second priority: Other returning students who previously resided in campus housing.

32.4.3 Third priority: Other new students in order of the dates on which their housing deposits were received.

32.4.4 The date that a student's housing deposit is received by the Fiscal Office establishes the student's rank within applicable priorities. This date will be used to determine seniority for housing decisions throughout the student's tenure at the university.