63. Hurricane

If Galveston is seriously threatened by an impending hurricane, the campus will be evacuated. Orders and instructions for residence hall residents will be issued by the Office of Student Affairs through the Resident Advisors, Corps staff officers and Campus Police. If an evacuation order is issued, all residents will be required to depart. The following instructions should be complied with in a timely manner as required:

63.1 Arrange transportation, should evacuation be ordered.

63.2 Vehicle fuel tanks should be filled and vehicles driven as little as possible after filling.

63.3 Students with vehicles are asked to share space with those who have no vehicle.

63.4 Students without transportation should make arrangements for a ride with fellow students.

63.5 Report to a Resident Advisor if transportation cannot be arranged.

63.6 Prepare for the safety of any personal belongings that will be left.

63.7 Students in the residence hall should lock up as much of their personal belongings as possible to secure against looters.

63.8 If the order to evacuate is given, first floor residents should place personal gear on top of furniture. Valuable items should be protected by moving them to bathrooms. Clothes, bedding, and shoes should be protected from possible floods.

63.9 All electrical appliances should be unplugged except for aquarium pumps.

63.10 All balconies and outside areas should be cleared of personal gear.

63.11 Refrigerators must be cleaned and unplugged and the doors left open. All food should be taken outside to the dumpsters.

63.12 Empty trash cans.

63.13 Lock all doors and windows, including bathrooms and patios.

63.14 If there are aquaria in the room, leave fish food out and available so that emergency personnel can feed fish if possible.

63.15 Remove all personal rugs and carpets from the floors.

63.16 Evacuation shelter for students who cannot make other arrangements will be provided at Texas A&M University, College Station.

63.17 If you will need this shelter, notify your Resident Advisor as soon as possible. Additional information concerning these arrangements will be available from the Office of Student Affairs.

63.18 If an evacuation order is given, check out prior to leaving:

63.18.1 Emergency Information Forms are available from Resident Advisors and Corps Staff. Every on-campus student must complete the online Emergency Information Form before departing campus. The web link to this form will be found on the campus home page when completion is required.

63.18.2 Off-campus students are encouraged to complete the online Emergency Information Form before evacuating. The web link to this form will be found on the campus home page when completion is required.

63.18.3 Before actually departing campus, sign out of the residence hall at the Residential Services Office.

63.19 Listen for announcements for the resumption of classes.

63.19.1 The news media will be asked to announce both cancellation and resumption of classes.

63.19.2 The Texas A&M University at Galveston number for information is (409) 740- 4545.

Additionally, information will be available through the Texas A&M University, College Station information number, which will be published on the campus home page when evacuation is required.