17. Withdrawal Procedures

(Revised: 2016)

17.1 An official withdrawal from the university will result when a student drops all in progress and courses not yet started in a particular term.  A student who withdraws from the university before the completion of a term is required to comply with the official withdrawal procedure.  This procedure is initiated by the student, online in Howdy, and routed to the student’s Dean or designee for approval.  A student may not initiate a withdrawal after the Q-drop deadline.  However, the student’s Dean or designee may, in certain circumstances, initiate a request to the Office of the Registrar to withdraw a student after the deadline.

Students may be required to clear his/her records with other university offices to ensure appropriate refunds are processed.

Students may not withdraw during final examination periods.

17.2 If a student is currently enrolled in one or more inter/intra-sessions (“minimesters”) or summer terms and chooses to withdraw from the university, all current and future in progress hours for the entire semester (spring, summer, or fall) will be dropped, and the student will be ineligible to register for courses for the remainder of that semester, regardless of whether the course does not begin until after the date of the withdrawal.

17.3 When a student withdraws from the university beginning with the day after the official census date, the registrar will assign a grade of W to all in progress courses enrolled in during that term that have not been completed by the official withdrawal date.  Any courses previously Q-dropped within that term will be changed to W, and the W grades will be displayed on the permanent record.  Any courses in the term previously completed and/or graded will not receive the W grade.

17.4 When a student withdraws from the university on or before the official census date for the term, the student’s transcript will not include any academic record of that term.  The student is not considered enrolled for the term.