Employee of the Quarter - Second Quarter 2019

Rob Gatlin

Col. Michael Fossum and Rob Gatlin

TAMUG Staff Council announces the 2nd Employee of the Quarter for fiscal year 2019.  Rob Gatlin, Network Engineer I in the Information Services Department, has won the Employee of the Quarter award. Rob was nominated by the director of his department, John Kovacevich.

"Rob has been working non-stop this last quarter to get ASEC up and running...and also made the trip to Massachusetts Maritime to spend several days getting the vessel Kennedy ready for email and satellite communications for the cadet's summer cruise. I think he has gone almost three weeks without a day off as a lot of this work had to be done over the weekend so as to not disrupt the campus staff and faculty. He has not made one complaint about the workload and just says "well the work has to get done and it is my responsibility." This is the kind of dedication that we look for in our A&M employees and Rob shows it well."

Congratulations, Rob!