Research Advisory Council    

The charge of the Research Advisory Council is to advise the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies on the development of the TAMUG research program, procedures for allocation of resources related to research and development of long-range plans for enhancing TAMUG’s research program, taking into account the wide range of funding sources, technologies, and expertise required to conduct a nationally-recognized research program.  To be eligible, faculty must have a funded extramural (non-TAMUG) research proposal submitted within 3 years prior to election, a peer-reviewed publication within the previous three years, and be willing to be an active member.  There are eight voting members (including the Chairman) plus one ex-officio member.  Terms are two years with a one-time renewal for a total of up to four years.  Representatives from Marine Biology (MARB) and Marine Sciences (MARS) are elected by their respective departments and other representatives (Marine Engineering Technology and at large) are appointed.  Meetings are typically held in October, March and August with additional meetings called as needed.


Antonietta Quigg, Chairman 

Pete van Hengstum MARS FY18, FY19, FY20, FY21
Meri Davlasheridze MARS FY17, FY18, FY19, FY20
Maria Pia Miglietta MARS FY19, FY20
Ana Sirovic MARB FY20, FY21
Elizabeth Nyman LIST FY20, FY21
Bert Sweetman At-Large FY20, FY21
Diego Gil-Agudelo Ex-Officio



Hui Liu MARB FY16, FY17, FY18. FY19
Luke Nyakiti MARE FY16, FY17, FY18, FY19
Jens Figlus At-large FY16, FY17, FY19
Anja Schulze MARB FY17, FY18