Presentation Schedule    

Undergraduate Posters

Business, Management, Policy and Social Sciences

05. Modern Slavery: A Look at Debt Bondage in the Brick-Belt
07. The influence that voodoo in Haitian culture has on those with disabilities
08. Slave Labor: The Dark Truth Behind Thailand's Fishing Industry
09. Impacts of the Xayaburi Dam on the Laotian Fishing Industry
10. Southern Vietnamese Vs. The KKK
11. Occupation of Tibet 
15. Human Livestock: Slavery in Brazil’s Cattle Industry
16. Insight into European Laws and Practices Concerning Refugees and Asylum Seekers
17. Interpreting Interpretation: the Impacts of the NAI on Museum Professionals…
19. Suicide at Sea
20. Uighur Muslim’s Facing Cultural Genocide
21. Damming on the Mekong
22. The Ethics of Chinese Shipbreakers
23. Rights, Rigs and Tragedies
24. Climate Change and the Future of Island Nations
25. The Dying Whaling Industry and The Inuit
27. Then Versus Now: The Impact Historical Significance of Old Central High school 
37. The riveting elements of feminism and horror in Octavia E. Butler’s “Bloodchild”
61. Flood hazard assessment between 2015 and 2019 using updated FEMA Floodplain…
73. The Future of LNG Lies with Education


26. Overview and application of risk analysis tools
31. Sea Chest Project
35. New Rudder Design for Cruise Vessel  
42. Depth Recording ROV
43. Improving Rudder Design 
44. RC Trash Collection Vessel
45. Sustainable Dock Lighting

Life Sciences

12. The Illegal Trade of Swim Bladders in Mexico and its Effects
30. An Analysis of Enhydra Lutris Nereis Behavior in Captivity
34. Tea time in the marsh: A story where vegetation plays no role in decomposition rate 
38. Colonization of Hard-substrate, Invertebrate Communities on Various Materials…
49. Analysis of Fin Whale Lunge-Feeding in Southern California using Multisensory Biotags
51. Assembly and characterization of metagenome assembled genomes to uncover…
56. Viral Activity and its impact on prokaryotic communities within coastal anoxic sediment
60. Asexual Reproductive Success of Diadumene lineata Across a Salinity Range
62. Melanophore Response and Behavior of the Marine Isopod Sphaeroma Quadridentatum...

Ocean and Earth Sciences

40. How does tourism-oriented education for the conservation of Queen Conch…
46. Color and Viscosity Analysis of Aplysia californica ink-opaline mixture
50. Identifying organic matter in sediments and stream samples in a uranium…
53. Aiding the Development of MEMS Accelerometers for Planetary Gravimetry
55. The Impact of Cold Fronts on the Age of Suspended Sediment in Galveston Bay 
57. Analysis and quantification of microplastics in Galveston bay
59. Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) as a Method for Monitoring Stable Isotopes…
65. How is the Fashion Industry Affecting Shark Sustainability?
66. Intense hurricane events (cat. 4 or 5, Saffir-Simpson scale) spanning the last 5,000…
68. Babe’s Beach 2019 Update: A Year Later
69. Northern Midlatitude Ice Exposed in Craters on Mars 
70. Inundation Analysis of Sea Level Rise on Majuro, Bikini and Eniwetok Atolls…
71. Record of Prehistoric Hurricanes Preserved in Blue Holes 

Graduate Presentations

Life Sciences

06. Landscape Genetics: An Introduction to a Burgeoning Field 
13. Optimizing estrogen derivatization methodology for LC-MS/MS applications
14. Food web structure and spatiotemporal dynamics of a subtropical estuary
18. Invertebrate Film Festival: Science, creativity, and flexibility in a virtual…
28. Calanoid copepod community structure in two contrasting regions…
29. Recruitment of Fishes in Nursery Habitats of Matagorda Bay
32. Metagenome assembled genomes of Galveston Bay show resiliency…
39. The Toxicity of Weathered Oil on an Oil Resistant Diatom Species
41. Habitat use and movement of Atlantic tarpon in the western Gulf of Mexico.
47. Training birds for Husbandry and Medical behavior to reduce or eliminate stress
72. Nitrogen Narcosis: Uncovering the Mystery

Ocean and Earth Sciences

03. PFAS Compounds in Galveston Bay Following the Deer Park ITC Fire
04. Data Analysis of Bottom Longline Surveys in the Gulf of Mexico
33. A comparison between farmed oysters using floating cages and oysters…
36. Reducing Manta Ray Bycatch in the Caribbean Using Permanent Magnets
48. California on Fire: An Environmental Conflict
52. COVID-19 lockdown measures reveal human impact on water transparency…
54. The Effect of Petroleum Pollution on Corals – Literature Review
58. Biotechincal solutions for the degradation of plastics in the marine environment
63. Invertebrate Community Development: Monitoring a Constructed Oyster Reef…
64. Heightened hurricane activity in the tropical North Atlantic throughout…
67. Sustainability of Drinking Water and its potential sources
74. Rapid Assessment of the 2020 Atlantic Storm Season’s Impacts on the Dellenera…