2021 Virtual Student Research Symposium Awards    

The Student Research Symposium had 49 total entries across all classifications and categories this year. The Research & Graduate Studies Office is appreciative of all the participants - student presenters, judges, advisors, and visitors alike. Together we have produced a successful virtual event full of fascinating research from our TAMUG students!


Undergraduate Presentations Awards

Undergraduate Awards
Business, Management, Policy, and Social Sciences Ocean and Earth Sciences Life Sciences Engineering
1st Place Julianna Trapp Leah Bogan Chandler Lawson Tie:
Jake Reid, Oliver Scholes, Keith Tillman, Daniel Stinson, Nikolas Fragkias

James Lightbody, Luca Tallarini, Cristopher Quinteros, Andrew Hinojos, James Christian, Sebastian Deutsch, Alvarez De La Cadena
2nd Place Three-way tie:
Richard Falloure

Xiomara Villarreal

Mackenzie Heldstab
Nathan H. Klobusnik Lucas Stanley Tie:
Anthony Parker, JT Landon, Pranav Chavan, Wyatt Fitzgerald

Austin Stramoski, Scott Albers, Emily Drew, Nolan Peterson, Cailin Stewart
3rd Place  Oscar Cavazos Christopher Oxley Tie:
Timothy Chomiak

Anahy Garza
Joshua Tart, Austin Wygle, Jacob Stoll, Robert Cervantes, and Aaron Batten



Graduate Presentations Awards

Graduate Awards
Life Sciences Ocean and Earth Sciences
1st Place MC Hannon Tyler Winkler
2nd Place Tie:
Olivia Thibault 

Aurora Gaona-Hernandez
Erin Johnson
3rd Place  Emily Meese Tie:
Rayna Nolen

Emily Hubbard


Overall Awards


Overall Awards
Undergraduate  Graduate
1st Place Tie:
Chandler Lawson

Julianna Trapp
MC Hannon
2nd Place Four-way tie:
Richard Falloure

Xiomara Villarreal

Mackenzie Heldstab

Leah Bogan
Olivia Tibault

Aurora Gaona-Hernandez
3rd Place  Tie:
Lucas Stanley

Oscar Cavazos
Tyler Winkler

Emily Meese