2019 Student Research Symposium Awards    

The Student Research Symposium had 90 total entries across all classifications and categories this year. The Research & Graduate Studies Office is appreciative of all the participants - student presenters, judges, and advisors alike. Together we have produced another successful event full of fascinating research from our TAMUG students!

Class Presentations Awards

Sciences Liberal Studies Engineering
1st Place Blair Ballard Laura Hurt J Tayler Quinn, Morgan Payne, Holly Tucker, Eric Balle, Allyson Causey, & Kalen Hines
2nd Place Gerald Lancaster Harley Goebel & Taylor Livingston Grant Lincecum, Cody Gremminger, Hunter Raspberry, Marcus McDaniel, & Michael Renning
3rd Place  Tie between Sean Conley, Angelica Demers & Kristen Thompson, and Christopher Prevost Joey Buck and Mason Martin Tie between Shane Enck, Morgan Hughey, Alexander Gambino, Carl Missick, Hunter Daniel, Max Countouris, & Ryan Mavity


Undergraduate Presentations Awards

Marine Biology Marine Sciences Other
1st Place Jordan Walker Sarah Bordelon Richard Dally
2nd Place Taylor Cubbage Alexandra Yard, Charles Bergen, & Christian Taylor Faith Simpson
3rd Place  Michael "Chase" Lawson Autumn Raven



Graduate Presentations Awards

Marine Administration Marine Sciences Oceanography
1st Place Sarah Hamrock Jacquelyn Cresswell Dapeng Li
2nd Place Jarrod Norwood & Andrew Brown Bianca Broman Christena Hoelscher
3rd Place  Tie between Seth Farmer, Elizabeth Wagner & John McKenna, Peyton Heinze Benjamin Ritt



Lightning Talks Awards

1st Place Philip Sanchez
2nd Place Tie between Lauren Ballou and Janelle Goeke
3rd Place  Tie between Lauren Simonitis and Annie Tamalavage



Overall Presentations Awards

Class Undergraduate Graduate
1st Place Blair Ballard Jordan Walker Jacquelyn Cresswell
2nd Place J Tayler Quinn, Morgan Payne, Holly Tucker, Eric Balle, Allyson Causey, & Kalen Hines Sarah Bordelon Dapeng Li
3rd Place  Laura Hurt Richard Dally Sarah Hamrock



People's Choice Awards

Class Tie between Elyssa Jasso and Sarah DeArmond
2nd Place Hayley Schnae & Elizabeth Stavinoha Sander
3rd Place  Elizabeth Wagner & John McKenna