Frequently Asked Questions for Witnesses

How do I participate as a witness?

Witnesses to alleged violations of policy are contacted by one of four parties: the charged student, the complainant/victim, a university investigator, or a conduct conference officer.

When contacted to participate as a witness you will be provided the time, date, and location of where to report to for the student conduct proceeding.

If it is not possible for a witness to physically be present for a student conduct proceeding, then the witness may participate by:

  • Providing a statement of fact in writing before the student conduct conference

  • By answering questions during the proceedings via the telephone

  • By answering written questions in writing prior the conduct proceedings

If I have been called as a witness for a University Investigation, do I have to appear?

Yes. Texas A&M University at Galveston Student Rules, Section 24.4.23, makes it a violation of the Student Rules to not appear for an investigation interview when given reasonable notification to do so.

Failure to appear as a witness may lead to charges being filed against the witness for violation of this rule.

What if I have class during the time that I have been called to appear as a witness?

All possible attempts will be made by the OCS staff to avoid calling a witness during a scheduled class. However, if it is not possible to avoid this conflict, then a class excuse will be provided for the witness for the scheduled class that they are absent from.

Who should I contact if I have more questions regarding being called as a witness?

Please contact OCS via email at