Editorial Guidelines    

Stories and news items requested must have broad appeal, or are of interest to audiences outside of the unit, department, or division of origin.

All content is written according to journalism standards and edited according to AP Style.

You may request content here. Requests must have at least one visual element – photo, video, graphic – and adhere to photo and video brand guidelines. 


Content must have broad appeal for the entire campus community. Examples of content with broad appeal:

  • Feature content that showcases the following:
    • The future of innovation, education, service and community in the marine and maritime fields
    • Core values: excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, selfless service
  • Major administrative hires that include the executive leadership team, assistant/associate vice provosts, department/unit heads.
  • Major academic hires that include department heads and visiting professors
  • Study abroad features
  • International, renowned speaking engagements
  • Diversity, inclusion, climate news and features
  • Research finding announcements regarding:
    • Energy
    • Environment
    • Economic Development
    • Human, Plant & Animal Health
    • Educating Leaders
  • Major research progress, finding or results
  • Research grant announcements from the NIH, NSF or other leading institutions worth more than $100,000
  • Campus-wide awards
  • Retirements or deaths of notable professors
  • Campus announcements and events that are open to the broader campus and regional community.
  • Donations over $1 million
  • News analysis that does not take a political stance
  • Major anniversaries and milestones


  • Division, unit, department-level awards for students, faculty and staff
  • Conference travel or attendance
  • Book release announcements
  • Research “kickoff” announcements
  • Events and announcements that only appeal to the department, unit, or division of origin
  • News analysis that takes a political stance