Our brand is one of our most important assets and we all have a responsibility to speak with one voice and exemplify one brand across every form of communication. When represented consistently, our brand helps build a positive impression of the campus among all of our audiences.   

A brand is more than just logos, colors, photos or ads. Our brand is what students, parents, academic institutions, alumni, companies and outside observers think and feel when they think about the Galveston Campus of Texas A&M University. It is evident in everything we say, write and do. Every word, picture, symbol and sound we use reflects on the entire campus.

Any written, visual, audio or spoken communication to campus, media, public or internal audiences on behalf of Texas A&M University at Galveston or any of its units should be consistent with our brand.

 Examples of materials that should be branded include websites, signage, PowerPoint presentations, videos, forms, brochures and social media sites, among others.

 The Brand Toolbox contains all the elements you need to accurately represent the Galveston Campus brand.