The Division of Marketing & Communications is dedicated to positioning Texas A&M University at Galveston and the Texas A&M Maritime Academy as a leader in marine and maritime research, education, training and scholarship. We develop messaging and brand unity with our flagship, Texas A&M University, in College Station, TX. 

We carefully design and plan initiatives to create positive, meaningful, long-lasting and measurable impacts. Our efforts create awareness and understanding of the Galveston Campus's commitment to serving the State of Texas and beyond in marine and maritime education, training and research.

Within our borders and beyond, we believe each person touched by Texas A&M is an opportunity to capture trust, instill pride and garner respect. We strive to empower our audiences to join our students, faculty and staff in serving as brand ambassadors for the marine and maritime branch campus of Texas A&M. 

Our Work

Oversight & Guidance 

The division was established in 2019 with oversight of all marketing, communication and branding initiatives and materials for the Galveston Campus and Maritime Academy.

  • We provide strategic counsel to enhance reputational awareness and impact, standardize messaging profiles and mitigate crises. 
  • We develop the visual identity of the campus in collaboration with the flagship, ensure brand alignment and create tools to empower the campus community for their individualized needs. 
  • Our team serves as the central resource to connect traditional and emerging media to campus news, opportunities and experts. 
  • We provide consultation services to support a customized, omnichannel approach for our campus partners. 

Campus Identity 

United by our core values, we believe in empowering every community member to amplify their diverse voices and magnify their impact under our collective identity as the marine and maritime branch campus of Texas A&M University. 

The Galveston Campus is driving the blue economy with research, scholarship, education and innovation by supporting Texas A&M University's sea-grant mission to improve the understanding, stewardship and sustainability of Texas's coasts and ocean resources. 

Branding Pillars

We are leading the development of the blue economy - the economic, social, political and ecological vitality of our oceans and surrounding ecosystems - through innovation, discovery, scholarship and leadership. 

We are solving the problems of the future with impactful research that explores the broad impacts of humans and the environment along our coast and in our oceans to safeguard our planet's most valuable and underexplored resources. 

We are educating for the future with adaptive scholarship and academic programs that thoroughly prepare our graduates to pursue their field of passion. 

We are developing leaders of character whose foundation in our Core Values instills in them a steadfast commitment to serve the greater good near and far. 

2020-2025 Division Priorities

  • Operationalize & Educate 
  • One Brand = One Logo 
  • Omnichannel Marketing & Advertising
  • Recruit and Retain Students 
  • Blue Economy Campaign 
  • Recapture the Trust, Pride and Respect
  • 'Where you Belong" Recruiting Campaign
  • Crisis and Emergency Response  

Our comprehensive marketing and communications strategy is available by request to marcom@tamug.edu.