What is LOER?    

The Laboratory for Oceanographic and Environmental Research (LOER) was organized in 1989 at the Fort Crockett Campus of Texas A&M University in Galveston as a reasearch arm of the Department of Marine Science. It is supported by funds from the Coastal Zone Laboratory (CZL), the Texas Institute of Oceanography, the Research and Graduate Studies Office, and by research projects of the Principal Investigators. Currently, it serves faculty, postdoctoral research scientists and graduate students from other departments and organizations at TAMUG, including the Departmenst of Marine Sciences and Marine Biology, and the IDP. The laboratory is headed by Peter Santschi and Patrick Louchouarn.


Mission Statement

The Primary mission of LOER is to provide state of the art common access analytical facilities and support for coordinated interdisciplinary research efforts at TAMUG in ecological, environmental and biogeochemical studies. LOER maintains a close affiliation with and receives support from the Coastal Zone Laboratory and the Texas Institute of Oceanography.