Adding sending address in Texas A&M Gmail    

The email address associated with your Texas A&M Gmail account is, however, due to the technical limitations of Google Apps for Education the default sending address for Texas A&M Gmail accounts is

This is fine if your published email address ( is forwarding email to, but if your published email address is set to forward elsewhere you will need to update your sending address from within Texas A&M Gmail.

You can verify the forwarding settings for your published email address on the Aggie Account Gateway Email Settings page. This document will explain how to add as a sending address and set it as the default address in Texas A&M Gmail.

Adding a Second Sending Address

1.   Log into your Texas A&M Gmail account, and go to  Settings [fig 01].

Fig 01 TAMU Gmail Settings

2.   Click on the  Accounts and Import tab [fig 02].

Fig 02 Account and Import

3.   Under  Send mail as, click  Add another email address you own [fig 03].

Fig 03 Add Another Email Address

4.   Enter the name you want to appear on outgoing messages, enter as the  Email address, and uncheck the  Treat as an alias box. Then click  Next Step [fig 04].

Fig 04 Name and Email Address

5.   Google needs to verify that this is an email address you have access to, so click  Send Verification [fig 05].

Fig 05 Send verification

6.   Since you are adding the email address associated with your Texas A&M Gmail account, the verification email should show up in your inbox. Click the verification link in the email you receive [fig 06].

Fig 06 Verification Email

7.   You should be directed to Google's success webpage [fig 07], but you'll need to return to your  Accounts and Import settings (see steps 1-2) for the last step.

Fig 07  Success Confirmation

8.   Under  Send mail as, click  Make Default next to [fig 08].

Fig 08 Make Default

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