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Images of Hurricane Ike Damage

Some photos courtesy of U.S. Geological Service and Associated Press

Hurricane Models

Hurricane Model 1 Hurricane Model 2

Before & Afters

Before and After Galvez - picture 1  Before and after Galvez - picture 2

Paliside Palms before Hurricane Ike  Paliside Palms after Hurricane Ike

Before and after Neighborhood  Before and after Neighborhood 2

Web Cam Shots 

Web cam shot 1 Web cam shot 2

Erosion & Destruction 

Erosion and Destruction 1 Erosion and Destruction 2

Erosion and Destruction 3 Erosion and Destruction 4

Erosion and Destruction 5 Erosion and Destruction 6

Erosion and Destruction 7

Bermuda Beach

Bermuda Beach  Palms Beach

State Parks

State Park 1  State Park 2

State Park 3

Sea Wall and Other Various Photos

 Sea Wall and News Van Hooters

Flooding Bridge Statue

Stand Alone House