About Commercial Sea Term    

Texas A&M Maritime Academy is committed to providing quality experiential learning opportunities for all of our cadets.  As a means to accomplish this, we encourage our license option cadets who have successfully completed MART/MARE 200 to apply for Commercial Sea Term (MART/MARE 350) in lieu of Summer Sea Term (MART/MARE 300).

This commercial sea term includes the benefit of working in an operational environment on a commercial vessel for an extended period of time, but without the benefit of the support we have on the training ship to assist them with their academic sea-term projects.

A competitive application process will be used to vet candidates for this opportunity. The purpose of this process is to ensure all cadets have an equal opportunity for commercial billets based on academic performance, discipline and conduct, leadership, and the demonstration of Aggie Core Values.

Cadets will only be registered in MART/MARE 350 by following this application and selection process. Due to the uncertainty of the availability of commercial sea term opportunities, cadets should also register for MART/MARE 300.

Commercial Sea Term Documents    

Commercial Sea Term Documents

  • Commercial Sea Term Application (link will be provided to cadets via email during the application period)
  • Commercial Sea Term Process

Shipping Documents

The following forms will be provided following completion of the Commercial Sea Term Application.

  • Cadet Shipping Handbook
  • Assumption of Risk
  • Health Records Release
  • Terms of Cadet Shipping

Emergency Contacts

  • In addition to the contacts provided for the Texas A&M Maritime Academy, other campus resources are:
    • Texas A&M Maritime Academy (409) 740-4715 
    • TAMUG Counseling & Career Services (409) 502-8353
    • TAMUG Police Department (409) 740-4545

For questions, contact: tamma@tamug.edu