Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program    

The SSMP develops Strategic Sealift Officers for the Navy Reserve. Strategic Sealift officers are commissioned Naval Reserve Officers who hold Unlimited U.S. Coast Guard Licenses with STCW. They volunteer their commercial maritime experience and expertise to the United States Navy through Strategic Sealift. In a time of war, the SSOs can be called upon to crew up MARAD's Ready Reserve Fleet and transport military cargo to our troops overseas. In a time of peace, SSOs sail as civilians in the maritime industry and only commit a minimum of 2 weeks of Active Duty Training per year for a minimum of 8 years post-graduation. It is a very rewarding community to be in on top of having a maritime career as SSOs gain additional skills and incur military benefits.

All License Option cadets can join the SSMP if they meet the physical and academic requirements of the Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) before the start of their Junior year. Along with participating in the Maritime Academy as a License Option cadet the SSMP cadets will drill with the NROTC and receive a commission into the U.S. Navy Reserve Strategic Sealift Officer Force upon graduation.

The SSMP will require 3 courses on top of the License Option degree as well as 1 additional corps activity.

  • Intro to Naval Science: NVSC 101 (3 credits)
  • Merchant Marine Officer: NVSC 200 (3 credits & Required for LO Cadets) Leadership & Ethics: NVSC 402 (3 credits)
  • Corps Activity Period - Navy: ZOPT 100 (0 credits)
Qualified SSMP cadets will have the option to apply for the Student Incentive Program (SIP) after contracting into the Navy Reserves with an incentive of $32,000 for Summer Sea Terms, uniforms, books, tuition, or subsistence.

  • Freshman - Sophomore Year: $2,000 per Semester
  • Junior - Senior Year: $6,000 per Semester
  • *Direct Deposits run Mid-Semester

Cadets who join later will receive larger payouts and will still receive the full $32,000 if they are within good standing and graduate in 8 semesters since enrollment to TAMUG. SIP is not a scholarship, it is an incentive bonus and does not count against any sort of financial aid or scholarships. For more information on SSMP and SIP, please contact