CARE Team Members    

The CARE Team meets on a regular basis, but can be convened at any time to respond to concerning situations on campus.  

Members of the CARE Team include:

Photo of Dr. Todd Sutherland 

Dr. Todd Sutherland 
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Photo of Adam Haney

Adam Haney
Instructional Assistant Professor

Photo of Laurissa Noack

Laurissa Noack
Assistant Director - Learning Commons

Photo of Sam Martinez

Sam Martinez
Chief - University Police

Photo of Ken Bailey 

Ken Bailey 
Director of Career Services

Photo of Daisey McCloud

Daisey McCloud
Director of Counseling

Photo of Neil E. Golemo

Neil E. Golemo
Director of Campus Living & Learning

Photo of Asia Smith

Asia Smith
Assistant Director, Office for Community Standards

Photo of JP Montgomery

JP Montgomery
Housing Coordinator, Campus Living & Learning

Photo of Krista McBrien

Krista McBrien
Program Coordinator, Center for Academic Learning Support

Photo of Malarie Humble

Malarie Humble
Student Development Specialist, Student Activities

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