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If you have concerns about Mental/Emotional issues

If you recognize that any member of our Aggie family is in crisis, notify the CARE team. Even if it seems like a minor issue, the CARE team is here to support every Aggie that needs a hand. You can complete the online CARE Team Reporting Form or contact the Counseling Office.

>> CARE Team Referral Form

>> General CARE Team Information 

Professional licensed counselors are available to work with faculty and students to process the tragedy and complex events impacting our small campus community. Students can schedule an in-person or virtual appointment or call (409) 740-4736 to meet with a counselor.

>> Counseling Center information

If you have concerns about Academic/Personal issues

If you see a student struggling academically (not showing up to class, feeling overwhelmed by their courses, disengaged, etc.), please submit an Early Alert for quick intervention. We realize how significantly academic stress can impact mental health, & vice versa. Complete the AdHoc Early Alert form or e-mail

>> Early Alert Referral Form 

We have Peer Mentors and Academic Coaches available to meet with students to discuss impacts emotions and mental health can have on academics. Students can drop-in at the AskAgs Virtual Help Desk or schedule a one-on-one appointment via Navigate.

>> AskAgs Virtual Help Desk

>> EAB Navigate for Appointment Scheduling