Faculty Resources: Early Alert    

The Early Alert program aims to provide timely and targeted support to students when they really need it. At key points across the scope of each term, instructors for targeted courses will receive progress report requests prompting them to submit an alert for any student that may be having difficulty. A coach will then schedule an initial meeting with each indicated student, to address any immediate concerns and develop a plan for necessary support moving forward. Targeted courses include those with historically high DFWQ rate as well as those that are foundational first year courses within each major.

Upcoming Events    

Early Alert Workshops will be held virtually to assist any participating faculty with their questions and concerns throughout the Spring 2022 term. Click on your desired day/time below to register. 

Early Alert #1 Workshops:

  • February 14th at 11 a.m.: https://tamu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUudeyrrDkqH9VmHB7W2C9k0AxdHqEGkxkS
  • February 17th at 4 p.m.: https://tamu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwrde2urzspGNBehUtEjyy2Q-cr9Pf2blk9

Early Alert #2 Workshops:

  • March 11th at 11 a.m.: https://tamu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYlf-mhqzsvHdZLEE_qNiroBDQhJ0rT9gBy
  • March 15th at 10 a.m.: https://tamu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcvce2vrD4oG9SyoG9klozhCrFouoTnFwLc

Early Alert #3 Workshops:

  • April 5th at 10 a.m.: https://tamu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwqd-CsrjssG9JY4Tem1Y8MvWb_dTmCTDOB
  • April 8th at 10 a.m.: https://tamu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArdu-rqzsjG9BblbvZs__nACCkzfEj545z

Spring 2022 Early Alert Information    

Target Courses

The courses below are currently planned for inclusion in Fall 2021 Early Alert; instructors for all sections of these courses will receive each progress report request. Target courses are selected based on a high DFWQ rate, identification as a key first year course, and/or writing intensive content.

ANTH 210 ANTH 225 ASCC 001 ASCC 004 BIOL 111 BUSN 203
CHEM 107 CHEM 117 CHEM 119 CHEM 120 CHEM 227 CHEM 228
COMM 203 COMM 205 ECON 203 ENGL 104 ENGL 210 HISP 204
HIST 105 HIST 106 KINE 120 KINE 223 MARA 440 MARA 489
MARB 101 MARB 315 MARE 111 MARS 102 MARS 303 MARS 325
MART 204 MART 215 MATH 140 MATH 142 MATH 147 MATH 150
MATH 151 MATH 152 MATH 251 MATH 308 PHYS 202 PHYS 206
POLS 206 POLS 207 PSYC 107 SCMT 364 SOCI 205

If your course is not on this list but you would like to participate Early Alert this term, please click the "Opt-In for Early Alert" button at the top of this page.


Report Timeline

Progress Report #1: Week Four and First-round exams
Sent: February 14 • Due: February 18
Meetings with students scheduled: February 21 - March 4
Target Information:
Four weeks into the semester is typically when first round of exams have started. As students are learning
and practicing new independence, we are focusing on making sure the student is aware of support,
participation and understanding in their classes in connection to the semester “big” picture.
Questions to Consider:
Is the student attending class? How is the student’s engagement with course materials (homework, discussions, projects, etc.)? How is the student’s performance on early assessments (quizzes, exams,
homework, etc.)?

Progress Report #2: Week 8 and Mid-term Evaluations
Sent: March 10 • Due: March 16
Meetings with students scheduled: March 21 - April 1
Target Information:
Halfway through the semester, this progress report is targeting information about the student’s participation, effort, and understanding of the content. Our goal is to help the learner reflect and connect their experiences so far to build (or rebuild) successful habits.
Questions to Consider:
Is the student attending class? Does the student engage in class? Is the student preparing before class? Is the student progressing in the materials adequately? Have you noticed a difference/change in the student leading to concerns? Do you notice behaviors which may not be setting the student up for success? Are midterm grades accurate representations of their progress?

Progress Report #3: Week 12 and Q-Drop Discussions
Sent: April 4 • Due: April 10
Meetings with students scheduled: April 11 - 19
Target Information:
Almost at the end of the semester, this progress report is focusing on student performance and potential discuss for minor habit shifts or q-drop consideration.
Questions to Consider:
Based on the student’s current performance and effort, where do you anticipate their outcome? Should the student consider q-dropping the course? Is it realistic for the student to finish the class successfully?


>> Click here for additional information on the Early Alert process and timeline for the Spring 2022 term.