We engage, empower, and enable learners to reach their academic and professional potential.

Our Commitment    

We work tirelessly to enable, empower, and engage every undergraduate student in their academic journey, while intentionally addressing their individual needs, experiences, strengths, and goals. We pledge to help increase access to the life-changing experience of a transformative University education, both inside and outside the classroom, to decrease achievement disparities, and to promote economic well-being for the individual, region, state, and nation. We apply our
passion, knowledge, and experience and the full scope of resources - including student, faculty, staff, and off-campus partners - to implement strategies for student success.

We commit to be lifelong learners as we help students develop lifelong learning skills. We will continually evolve our programs in response to the needs of students


The mission of Academic Learning Support is to increase awareness of campus resources, foster community formation and student belonging, develop skills to build and reach personal and academic goals, contribute to a diverse and inclusive climate, and build major commitment and marketable skills. Academic Learning Support, in collaboration with academic programs and other campus partners, demonstrates impact in increased student retention and graduation
rates and decreased disparities between groups.

We will support high impact learning opportunities by integrating students’ holistic academic careers into a purposeful academic journey. A vital aspect of this effort includes leadership development opportunities for student employees through our academic communities, coaching navigation skills and learning behaviors for an ever-evolving learning environment, and providing individualized student solutions.



Enable foundational academic development for all students

  • Aid with the understanding and attainment of disciplinary knowledge
  • Nurture the growth of critical academic success skills
  • Support the development of competencies needed in foundational major courses and high DFWQ courses
  • Foster effective communication skills across written, visual, and verbal domains


Empower students in becoming self-aware and self-directed learners

  • Assist students in navigating the path through their academic careers
  • Build awareness and proficiency with information resources
  • Empower students in determining individualized solutions along their academic path


Foster engagement in a rich, integrative community of active learning

  • Encourage the development of marketable professional and leadership skills
  • Connect students to relevant academic communities, opportunities, and resources
  • Support faculty teaching efforts using active learning and student engagement methods across the curriculum
  • Engage students in high-impact opportunities aligned to their long-term goals