Outstanding Team Award    

Eligibility. Open to teams of up to fifteen members. Teams may consist of employees from any or all of the following: Texas A&M University at Galveston, other Texas A&M University System institutions or agencies, SSC Services for Education, and Chartwells. The team must not have received this award in the past five years and the majority of team members should have a minimum of two years of service at the time of the nomination.

Contribution to the University. Provides significant contribution to the betterment of the University and/or campus community.

Commitment to Core Values. Demonstrates commitment to the Texas A&M University Core Values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service.

Outstanding Team Award Recipients    


Team: Collaborative for Teaching Innovation (CTI) Leadership Team

Carrie Coutorie
Debbie Dell
Donna Ferrer
Vanessa Garza
Chante Kleimann
Morgan Mills


Team: Business Centralization Team

Dr. Carol Bunch Davis
Laurissa Noack
Katie Slatton
Dr. David Baca


Ad Hoc Team

Caton, Amy
Chapman, Brandon
Hughes, Gerald
Kovacevich, John
Lopez, Martha
Noack, Laurissa
Steward, Lisa
Troshkin, Vadim

COVID Testing Team

Hamner, Tim (Student)
Haney, Dee Ann
Kelly, Roland
Palfrey, Anita
Post, Allan

IT Team

Aaron, Danny
Angell, Kelly
Bagtas, Louie
Delao-Daniels, Regina
Froelich, Cory
Gatlin, Robert
Hodsdon, Garrett
Hughes, Gerald
Kantowski, Cathy
Lopez, Martha
Quigg, Tony
Scribner, Bob
Troshkin, Vadim

Living & Learning Team

Chandler, Alex
Refugio, Buzz
Rowland, Carrie
Schendzelous, Sarah
Williams, Marlee
Wright, Marishika