The Texas A&M at Galveston’s Chief Operating Officer presents Meritorious ServiceWilliam Paul Ricker Faculty/Staff  awards annually to recognize and reward staff and faculty for their meritorious service to our great university.


A call for nominations for the Vice President’s Meritorious Service Awards and the William Paul Ricker Faculty/Staff Award will be announced in January each year.


To begin the nomination process, prepare a one-page letter in a Word document which includes the following:

  • Nominee’s name, position, and department
  • Award name and category to which this individual is being nominated
  • Description of how nominee meets the award criteria
  • Your name, email, phone number

The nomination (not to exceed one page), submitted as a word document attached to an email, must be to before 5 p.m. on February 6, 2023.


The campus leadership makes the initial determination regarding which nomination letters will move forward to the selection committees.  A maximum of three nominations in each category will move forward.

Nomination letters received at the above email address before the deadline are presented to campus leadership teams as follows:

  • Staff and extended Aggie family nominations are presented to the Executive Leadership
  • Faculty nominations are presented to the Faculty Awards Committee


Nominations moved forward by the Executive Leadership team and the Faculty Awards Committee will require a full nomination packet.  The author of the nomination letter will be notified and asked to provide:

  • a final letter of nomination
  • at least one letter of support (maximum of 2 letters and no longer than 2 pages each)
  • faculty nominations for the Outstanding Classroom Teaching Award must also include a curriculum vitae

The complete packet containing the final letter of nomination and support letters must be sent to before 5pm on March 21, 2023.

2022/2023 Vice President's Meritorious Service Awards and Ricker Faculty/Staff Award Time Line

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Call for Nominations Opens

Monday, February 6, 2023

Initial Nomination Letters Due (not to exceed one page)

Friday, March 3, 2023

Leadership Team Decisions Due

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Nominators Notified to Proceed with Compiling of Complete Nomination Packet

Friday, March 24, 2023

Complete Nomination Packets Due to Selection Committee

Monday, April 17, 2023

Selection Committee Results Due

To be determined in spring 2023

Awards Ceremony


The Selection Committee is comprised of past staff and faculty award recipients and a student representative.

For complete details on individual awards criteria and eligibility, select the award category below.