Principal Investigator      

Anna R. Armitage, Ph.D.
Department of Marine Biology

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Graduate Students      

Alizia Barnes Rhodes
M.S. Student, MARB

Marissa Palmer
M.S. Student, MARB

Jamie Thompson
Ph.D. Candidate, MARB

 Abiotic and biotic factors limiting the expansion, growth, and reproduction of black mangroves in Texas.

Brooke Torjman
Ph.D. Student, EEB

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Chelsea Crosby
Research Technician

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Janelle Goeke
Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2021

Dissertation title: "Bottom-up effects of mangrove encroachment on basal consumers in the Gulf of Mexico"

Rachael Glazner
Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2020

Dissertation title: "Effects of vegetation type on predation success: implications of mangrove expansion"

Marissa Llosa
M.S. in Ecosystem Science and Management, 2021

Thesis title: “Long-term vegetation changes in a Texas coastal prairie wetland complex with insights for managers”

Ashley McDonald
M.S. in Marine Biology, 2022

Thesis title: “Responses of coastal wetland vegetation to a large-scale tidal restoration on the Texas Upper Coast”

Sarah Gossett Robinson
Master of Natural Resource Development, 2020

Thesis title: "An Analysis on the Effectiveness of Green Infrastructure Solutions for Reducing Contamination from Urban Stormwater Runoff"

Jake Sigren
Ph.D. in Marine Biology 2017

Dissertation title: "Coastal Dunes and Dune Vegetation: Interdisciplinary Research on Storm Protection, Erosion, and Ecosystem Restoration"

Carolyn Weaver
Ph.D. in Ecosystem Science and Management 2016

Dissertation title: "Nutrient Enrichment Effects within the Marsh-Mangrove Ecotone: Implications for Mangrove Encroachment"

Ashley Whitt
M.S. in Marine Biology 2016

Thesis title: "Utilizing Citizen Science to Assess Bird Community Composition within a Changing Marsh-Mangrove Ecotone in Texas"

Courtney Lee
M.S. in Marine Biology 2014

Thesis title: "The Role of Population-based Diversity on Productivity: Considerations for Restored Spartina alterniflora Salt Marshes"

Erin Kinney, Ph.D.
Postdoc 2011-2013

Current Position: Research Scientist, Houston Advanced Research Center

Eric Madrid, Ph.D.
Postdoc 2009-2011

Current Position: Advanced Placement/Dual Credit Teacher, Samuel V. Champion H.S.

Allison Parnell Nunnally
Masters of Marine Resource Managment 2011

Thesis title: "Effects of Anthropogenic Nutrient Enrichment on Exotic and Restored, Native Aquatic Vegetation"

Michael Bell
M.S. in Marine Biology 2011

Thesis title: "Aquatic Macrophyte and Animal Communities in a Recently Restored Brackish Marsh: Possible Influences of Restoration Design and the Invasive Plant Species Myriophyllum spicatum"

Chuan-Kai Ho, Ph.D.
Postdoc 2008-2010

Current Position: Associate Professor at Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University

Lindsey Staszak
Masters of Marine Resource Management 2010

Thesis title: "A Rapid Assessment Method Examining the Ecological Health of Tidal Marine Wetlands in Galveston Bay, Texas"

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