Honor Council


The Honor Council will provide due process to alleged violators, including:

  • Authority
  • Jurisdiction
  • Notice
  • Hearings
  • Appeal (other than separations from the University)

Faculty and students serving on the Honor Council and will be actively involved in developing and enforcing standards pertaining to academic integrity. The duties of the Honor Council members include:

  • Serve as an educator -- informing students and faculty about the Galveston Aggie Honor System and its mission and rules; promoting academic integrity on campus.
  • Serve as case investigator -- conducting (with a fellow Honor Council member) investigations with reporter(s), witness(es), and alleged violator(s).
  • Serve as hearing panel member -- hearing and determining (along with two other Honor Council members and a non-voting Chair) whether a student is responsible or not responsible for an Honor Code violation, and if found responsible, a fair and equitable sanction should be applied.
  • Serve on appeal panels -- hear appeals of decisions made either by the faculty member in an autonomous case or a hearing panel in an Honor Council case.


The Honor Council will consist of two undergraduate students, one graduate student, and two faculty members from each degree-granting academic department. The Associate Vice President for Academic Services and a representative from the Computing and Information Services department  (Faculty Support) will serve as ex-officio members.  Training for new members will take place each year.

All undergraduate student members are selected by the Student Government Association.  All graduate student members are selected in a process to be specified by the Graduate Student Council.  All faculty members are selected by the department head of their respective department.  Members may be removed from office for violations of System, University, Student, or Honor Council Rules.

Terms of the Honor Council

Members’ terms are two years, except for the initial appointments. To provide continuity, one-half of the initial positions in each category (undergraduate, graduate, faculty) shall be for one year, as determined by a lottery.  Terms begin at the end of the spring semester and end at the conclusion of the spring semester of the final year of the appointment.  Members may serve two consecutive terms.

Replacement of faculty members who resign or are removed is made by the Academic Department for the remaining portion of the unexpired term.  Replacement of student members who resign or are removed is made by the Student Government Association or Graduate Student Council.

Honor Council Process

Click HERE to review the process followed by the Honor Council.