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Syllabus Statement on Academic Integrity

Aggie Code of Honor:  "An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do."

All syllabi shall contain a section that states the Aggie Code of Honor and refers the student to the Honor Council Rules and Procedures at https://www.tamug.edu/honorsystem/.

Statement for Assignments and Examinations

It is further recommended that instructors print the following on assignments and examinations:

"On my honor, as an Aggie, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work."

This statement should be followed with a place for the student to sign his/her name.

Faculty Programs

Training on academic integrity and academic dishonesty is provided for all who teach, including faculty and graduate teaching assistants.  Training topics include the following:

  • Classroom atmosphere that promotes academic integrity

  • Testing techniques that promote academic integrity

  • Definitions of academic dishonesty

  • Prevention strategies

  • Strategies and rules for handling violations

  • Sanctions

  • Case assistance/consultation is provided for all faculty members when alleged violations occur, including the following:

    • Academic integrity/academic dishonesty rules and procedures

    • Expectations

    • Methods for gathering information

    • Strategies for presenting information at a hearing

Request a Classroom Presentation

If you would like to request a classroom presentation please send and e-mail to asiasmith@tamug.edu and include the information below:
  • Instructor Name

  • Instructor E-mail

  • Department and Course Number

  • Date

  • Start Time

  • Alternate Date/Time

  • Length of Presentation

  • Classroom

  • Number of attendees

  • Contact Phone

Please allow 10-14 days to appropriately schedule a time.

Additional Resources

The resources that follow the link below are provided through the Texas A&M University Aggie Honor System Office and take you out of the Galveston Aggie Honor System website.

Users should understand that, in some instances, references are made to offices or individuals in College Station.  Please contact TAMUG's Office of Student Affairs or Office of Academic Enhancement with any questions or requests for clarification.