Employee of the Quarter- Third Quarter 2014

Laurissa Noack

Laurissa Noack, Program Coordinator in Academic Enhancement has won the 3rd Employee of the Quarter for fiscal year 2014.

Laurissa was nominated anonymously for the following reasons:

“In the short time Laurissa has been on staff, she has accomplished a tremendous amount and positively impacted both our office, specifically, and the campus community in general. She is efficient and focused so that projects are completed in a timely manner and those she works with know that deadlines will be met. But not only is she effective, she does it with a friendly demeanor giving her a great rapport with students, faculty and staff at TAMUG. She readily stays late and works on weekends, not because she is told, but because she knows the job needs to be done!”

Laurissa’s supervisor, Dr. Susan Knock, also had additional comments:

“I too support Laurissa’s nomination for Employee of the Quarter. The quality of her work is outstanding and she meets deadlines in a manner I have never achieved. She has a wicked funny sense of humor that keeps her coworkers upbeat and collaborative. Most importantly in my book, that she has a fantastic relationship with our students. I could not suggest a better candidate for this recognition.”

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