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Past Successes

Thanks to everyone's efforts through the Reduce the Juice campaign, we are beginning to experience some successes.  While our overall utility costs have increased this year due to an increase in utility rates, TAMUG has reduced campus electricity usage by 10.75% over the same period in Fiscal Year '05 (Sept., Oct. and Nov.).  In addition to this success, the Physical Plant completed the installation of four energy efficient boilers which will contribute greatly to the reduction in energy consumption throughout the remainder of the fiscal year. 

Future Successes

Your continued assistance in turning off lights when existing classrooms, labs and offices will contribute greatly to the success of the Reduce The Juice program.   You can now review the Campus Energy Reduction Webpage, called " Reduce the Juice! " located on Mnet to see the campus electricity usage reports.   

Even though our reduction efforts have resulted in these noted successes, we are still faced with a budget deficit in fiscal year 06 due to higher utility rates and must continue to work towards reducing energy consumption as much as possible. Thank you and remember to Reduce the Juice!







Fort Crocket Campus        
3311/3311A Fort Crockett
Electric (KWH) 511,680 KWH 510,720 KWH 0.19%
Mitchell Campus        
3026 Sea Aggie Center 
Lighting-Mitchell Campus 
Mitchell Campus 

Electric (KWH)
Electric (KWH)
Electric (KWH)

412,560 KWH 
16,812 KWH
3,070,801 KWH
393,840 KWH
13,938 KWH
2,764,185 KWH
54 Adler        
3312 Administrative Home
Electric (KWH) 9,200 KWH 8,860 KWH 3.70%
Teichman Campus        
3316 Sail Center
Electric (KWH) 1,192 KWH 846 KWH 29.03%

Average Decrease in Electricity Usage     10.75%  

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