Recycling Locations

On Campus

There are two large Abitibi Paper Retriever bins on campus designated for recycling paper materials (e.g., newspaper, magazines, catalogues, office paper, mail, FLATTENED cardboard boxes, and BAGGED shredded paper). 

paper recycling stationThese bins are located near:

  • Engineering (MERC 3027)
  • Sea Aggie Center (SAGC 3026)
  • Behind the gym near the tennis courts NEW!
  • Between A and B dorms NEW!
  • When using the Abitibi bins we ask that you keep the bin lids closed bag shredded paper and puncture the bags to remove air
  • Other paper recycling bins called HOTSPOTS are located throughout most buildings on campus.  The Physical Plant will collect paper from the HOTSPOTS twice a week.
  • Bins for aluminum cans are located near most snack machines and office paper bins can be found in most computer/printer rooms on campus.

Off Campus

  • Recycling Center (City of Galveston)
    702 61st Street
    (409) 741-1446
  • Commercial Metals Company
    (aluminum, cans, scrap iron & metal, & cars)
    71st and Broadway
    (409) 744-3695

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For recycling information contact:

Robert Moseley
Assistant Director of Operations