Marine Sciences

Dr. Keyong Park

Welcome to the Department of Marine Sciences (MARS)

Our undergraduate programs include majors in Marine Sciences (MARS) or in Ocean and Coastal Resources (OCRE), as well as minors in Chemistry, Geology or Ocean and Coastal Resources. Our graduate offerings include a graduate degree in Marine Resources Management (MARM), with our Faculty also supporting students in a diversity of graduate degrees on our campus such as the Interdisciplinary Program in Marine Biology (MARB IDP) and programs in conjunction with TAMU’s Departments.

Students in the Marine Sciences department concentrate on the physical, chemical, and geological aspects of the marine, estuarine, and coastal environment. The coastal location of the campus provides students with the unique opportunity to acquire extensive hands-on field experience in addition to a solid base of academic instruction in chemistry, geology, physics, biology, and mathematics.

Please explore our faculty webpages for more information, and if you find you have further questions, we invite you to visit or call.

Dr. Kyeong Park
Professor and Department Head

The Marine Sciences Department offers myriad research opportunities.
You could:

  • participate in the facilitation of sustainable environmental management and policy

  • examine the relationships between land use change, wetland alteration and carbon sequestration

  • dive deep into our oceans

  • launch an exploratory glider

  • evaluate combustion by-products in urban and rural airsheds

  • explore radionuclide transport in aquatic systems and their relationships to natural macromolecular organic matter compounds

  • learn through case studies how Coastal Zone Resources are managed