Marine Biology Department

The Department of Marine Biology offers undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degrees in Marine Biology and Marine Fisheries from Texas A&M University. The department’s graduate program offers Master of Science and Doctoral Degrees in Marine Biology. Teaching and research facilities are located in Galveston, Texas along the shore of Galveston Bay. The semitropical climate provides students and faculty with year-round access to a variety of estuarine, coastal and pelagic marine ecosystems, including salt marshes, oyster reefs, seagrass meadows and coastal sand dunes and beaches. A state-of-the art Sea Life Facility is available for additional hands-on experiences with marine organisms.

With a low student-to-professor ratio, undergraduate students have extensive opportunities for laboratory and field education and research at national and international locations. International educational opportunities are frequently available through courses offered in Mexico, Greece, Italy, and New Zealand through the TAMU Study Abroad Program, as well as a summer field course in Alaska.  

The faculty has research expertise in marine fisheries, invertebrate and vertebrate marine zoology, marine botany, marine mammalogy, biological oceanography, wetlands ecology, marine conservation and management, biospeleology, biodiversity, seafood microbiology, genomics, toxicology, physiology and evolutionary biology.

Marine biology undergraduate students find employment with State and Federal agencies, private industry, environmental consulting, biomedical research and teaching. Many undergraduates pursue postgraduate studies in marine biology as well as medicine, veterinary science and environmental law.