Maritime Administration Department

Dr.  Joan P. Mileski

Dr. Joan P. Mileski
Department Head

Our Mission

The mission of the Maritime Administration Department is to educate leaders for roles in maritime commerce and service to society. We fulfill this mission by providing the highest quality instruction and curricula in our academic program; unique learning opportunities in marine and maritime industries and/or government organizations involved in coastal, marine and maritime activities; interacting with businesses, government and other organizations through the exchange of ideas and practices; disseminating knowledge through published research; and actively pursuing a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

The Maritime Administration Department enables students to:

  • Develop leadership skills for future careers in the maritime industry
  • Network with important industry members
  • Acquire internships with maritime leaders
  • Problem solve issues regarding management, economics, transportation and within maritime business
  • Travel via study abroad programs and conferences
  • Learn concepts of ports and methods of intermodal transportation
  • Complete and present award winning research
  • Tour facilities of ports and other local maritime organizations

Maritime Administration Faculty Members

Prospective Students


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